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Rap N Pride Turbans was inspired by the love of faith, culture and pride; for Sisters of any faith to wear with a great sense of virtue and modesty. We feather an array of colors and fabrics to host many ideas of style preference.

Please note that the turban colors viewed via the computer my slightly vary with the actual product due to camera lighting and image display. Our turban are greatly cut to the length of 11 feet long enough to cover a bushel of locks or simply to give you the tower look. WrapNPride turbans are and on demand.

Our Turbans are stretch cotton and double-kit to give you a comfortable snug feel.   

We will feather our own tutorial videos soon in showing our basic Moorish American traditional turban raps and a few fashionable ideas.

In the meanwhile we encourage you to search YouTube for some great turban wrapping ideas.
Please share your turban fashion ideas with us by posting a photo on our Facebook page.   

Wrap N Pride Turbans by Fatimah Razvan Bey     
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Wrap N Pride Turban 4 product stars
"I would like to humbly apologize for my previous review of this item! It was solely my lack of vision that made me feel justified for leaving the less then flattering review! The turban is actually just as advertised in the picture! It wasn't until I began wrapping and being creative with my tucking that I relized that the advertised looked is exactly as promised. I would like to again apologize for my previous comments on this item. I would definitely purchase this item again and incourage others to do the same! I still however stand by my comments on the unacceptable shipping/service! Islam sister Rocke-El" Nichole Rocke-El - 9/29/2017
Red/Green Turban 2 product stars
"I received this wrap after waiting 4 weeks of being told it was sent out when it wasn't, only to get something totally different then the picture advertised. The picture clearly has the wrap as two separate colors stitched together yet I received a to short , red/green striped wrap! I am very disappointed with this purchase and feel terrible to have to leave such a negative review, but this was very disappointing. The only reason I'm even giving 2 stars is because the material was of quality and the colors were bright & vibrant." Nichole Rocke-El - 9/23/2017

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