The Gate Keeper / The Ministering within the Dismal Crypt

The Gate Keeper / The Ministering within the Dismal Crypt

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The Gate Keeper – Shaykh Ra Saadi El created a series of straight forward and to the point videos geared to informing, educating and uplifting those who are presently incarcerated that has chosen the Faith of Islam via The Moorish Science Temple of America. It is our intent that these series of vides will clear up any confession about the teachings, practices, customs and traditions of being a Moorish American Moslem and explaining how the religious service should be conducted and govern. These lessons are for the heart to inspirer, too enlighten, too encouraged, to dare to do and compel to be. Believe – Begin – Become!   

* The Gate Keeper (Angels)  is One whom Guards the Holy City Keeping the Unbelievers Out! 

Dr. Ra Saadi El founded Project Chance for Life outreach program back in 1992; he made a commitment to reach back in assisting men who are incarcerated in establishing a productive way of life. As a youth, growing up on the South side of Chicago his life was constant in criminal activity as a gang chief, drug dealer and user in and out of prison over a period of fifteen years. Dr. Ra Saadi El knows all to well the life of troubled young men involved in a life of crime and drugs. He bring a living example in showing that people who made bad decision not only can be remorseful and repentantive but will seek to be better in living a highly spiritual, moral a productive way of life as a benefit to society. Dr. Ra Saadi El has become a light of hope to many; for his accomplishments in being a true example to men and women that people can chance for the better and remain on a righteous path along life journey. Project Chance for life started with the Dr. Ra Saadi El corresponding with inmates sending in lessons and books to assist in their moral spiritual growth and development. He started with just a mere 40 to 50 inmates; presently Project Chance for Life supports well over 600+ inmates within State and Federal Institutions across the country.

Dr. Ra Saadi El has received countless commendations for his works with inmates; also providing religious services within the institutions as a religious services contractor for the Bureau of Prisons. He has also received recognition from the Governor of California for his community outreach works within the city of Oakland. Dr. Ra Saadi El's outreach programs extends beyond just assisting man who are presently incarcerated but also assist them even more once they return back into the free world. Dr. Ra Saadi El served, as a Substance abuse counselor for many years, which started at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco California with its Facts on Crack Program. His works is continuous with many facets in helping individuals, families and communities. Dr. Ra Saadi El believes that people offend go by what they see then what they hear; in order to help people you must present yourself as the example of the solution not only by words but in acts and deeds.

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