Our Deen & Da`wah as Moorish Moslem's. rev-2011

Our Deen & Da`wah as Moorish Moslem's. rev-2011

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This is a updated version of Our Deen & Da`wah hosted by GG/ Yssis Saadi El
Our Faith -Our Practice- Our Tradition; as what we Know to be TRUE as Moorish Moslem's. Follow along as we breakdown each pillar if our faith. 

Our Deen and Da’wah 
Started in 1913.A.D 
Points of our Faith and it’s practices 
We as Moorish Americans Moslem's within this Grand Body practice a Sufi form of Islam; which is based on the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali.

1 – Shahatian – (Declaration of Faith) Act 6, as each New Member must proclaim their free National Name and Religious Creed before the face of said Congregation The Moorish Shahatian Recital of the Moorish Declaration of faith, what is commonly called the Shahatian in Al-Islam, that is, there is no God but Allah and that Noble Drew Ali is Allah’s last Holy Prophet in these days; who was and is Jesus in the person. 
Section – 1: That we are Moorish American Moslems the direct descendants of the Ancient Moabites who are and were the true founders of the Holy City of Mecca in what is called Arabia this day. 

2 – Salat - (Praying) three times a day Morning/Noon/Evening which is Quranically correct. Now the significance of praying is the establishment of a personal relationship with thy Creator God-Allah, who is Almighty. Through prayer and the exercise of sincere thought and putting into practice that spirit that one prays in, that humbleness is also brings about a humbleness in ones character, as well as asking for divine guidance and accepting it as it comes, is the ultimate blessing. There are (3) different prays given by Our Prophet Drew Ali 

3 – Zakat – (Charity) Giving to the Poor and sick collection, as well as the giving of one’s self by Night and by Day truthfully. Aims (The act of giving) In the act of giving, one receives much more than when one actually receives from another, for is not they hand a miracle, and should be a benefit to the uplifting of fallen humanity, a help to the uplifting of self and family, as well as a benefit in the society in which one lives,as the hands all set to glorify Allah and to hold up our Holy Prophet Drew Ali. Thus all members in this Divine Movement are willing to give their life as human sacrifices in Allah’s Divine cause. 

4 – Ramadan- (Fasting) Not merely from not eating but from all carnal things (October 1st -31st) (plus food 7am-7pm light meal). We of all people have suffered the most, and have been up under a fast that no other people or Prophet has had to go through by force, and as fasting was and is geared for those time periods, but there are other forms of fasting which is fare more spiritual than a physical denial of substance for the human body, and they are fasting from the carnal desires of this world, of fasting from the evil influences of Satan the beast, as well as the desires of family and most earthly love one called either a husband –man or wife-woman. two out of the five most desirable human weaknesses and adding the third, that of riches, fortune and fame. The tools used by Satan the beast to which most men and women willfully give their souls for, these are the things that man must be on guard against, as well as put them at a distance, thus spiritual and moral fasting that cleans the soul and manifested mastery over those things. 

5 – Hajj-(Pilgrimage) meeting Allah “Key 4” As we draw that one should make it once to a Moorish Mecca during a convention time, and then there meeting Allah in the most sacred of places. Pilgrimage to Mecca: all Moslems desire to visit the Holy city of Mecca in Arabia, yea to which all Moslems are instructed to go to during their own life time; [as this city is the modern day place called the Garden of Eden] Heaven on Earth. Now we Moors know that heave is but a state of mind, the physical heaven on earth as above so below, and we have our own private third heaven whereas Satan the beast cannot re-enter, as the Moorish Angels. Now our Holy Prophet Drew Ali, state that Chicago Illinois was going to be our new Holy City, as we the Moorish American Moslems are the direct descendants of the Ancient Moabites who are the true founders of the Holy City of Mecca, yea the Ancient Moabites and not as people commonly believe and have been willfully directed to believe that the Arabians are the founders of the Holy City of Mecca, as well as that Ibrahim was the sole founder of the Holy Kabba, to which was founded way before even Ibrahim was born, Ibrahim simply re-built it. 

Thus we as Moorish American Pilgrimage to Chicago Illinois, as this is our Holy City in these modern days, and as such we have no need to travel to the city appointed by Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah in those days long gone by, 1400 years, as we know that Allah so love us and that the Angel Michael and Gabriel, that stood before Allah and told of their sorrow of the condition of Allah’s people her in America. And causing to shed a tear, and then that tear came down and manifested in the form of Jesus in the person of Noble Drew Ali, that both our pain and suffering, and washed our sins away, to bring us back into our ancient ways of being at one with Allah; for we know that ultimately Allah’s meeting place with man is in the heart. 

6 – Jihad-(Mastering one lower-self) Gaining self discipline and fulfilling ones Divine Duty removes a lot of former sins as well as keep you form performing new ones. 

7 – Iman (Being faithful and true) to ones Belief in Allah, and Allah’s Prophets, Books, Angels etc. And as our Religion is Islamism; we should not simple give lip service, but provide a service whereas all those around us know what we are about. 

8 – Da’wah (Propagating) the Religion of Islam. As it is written within the Holy {Noble] Quran that Allah will bless those called to the FAITH. Those who stay home doing nothing are not seen as equal to those who Da’wah. 

9 – Khutba (Preaches and Teaching) The Life, Works and Divine Doctrine of our Savior the Great Prophet Ali, who is Jesus reincarnated in this era of time. 

10 – Deen (Din) mean Debt or to owe; once meant the height and depth of your Faithfulness and Religious demeanor. Simply put how well you practice your Religion and relationship to Allah, His Prophets and Books etc. 

11 – Shari’ah (Equal) Our Moorish Jurisprudent (system of laws which we live by). 

12 – Halal – Divine principles of Laws making our five Divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. These are the Divine Principles by which we make our Laws, Rules and Regulations by. 

13 – Mubah (Righteousness Thinking) Determination; choices and what we measure the unknown by. The unknown are those things which are not defined, or made clear to act or not to act on. The outcome is exactly the same, or what has not been written as being Haram. 

14 – Haram (Forbidden to do and not to do) see (Sura 2:173 and Sura 5:4) a protection area, an inviolable place in which certain behavior necessary. 

15- Itjihad - Means what on your heart, once Prophet Mohammed asked his closet Shaba's how would they judge men after him, and they said “By what is on our Hearts and Prophet Mohammed asked then what is on your hearts and they said; that which Allah has given unto you and you unto us.” For this is a Sufi term that is both equal and superior to that of Sunni and Shiite term being Mubad; which mean by logical deduction based on what you know of the Quran and Hadiths of Prophet Mohammed. 

16- Tawheed - {Literally mean Union}, Now according to both the Sunni and Shiite practices the testimony of unity, especially the phrase { Lalaha ' Llah"} related by the root {VV-H-D} to" Waahid { numeral one" and Al-Waadid a Divine Name) " Wahaad" { unique"} . Wahdaniyyat" {The solitude of the Divine Unity"} Ahad} Absolute oneness}, and in Sufism a greater possibility of being able to do, becoming one with Allah as man is but a thought of Allah and so hold within him all the true attributed of Allah as all seed hold within themselves the essence of that from which they came while they aren't the seed planter themselves and yet they are as perfect as the source from which they sprang, yea as Allah is the Truth. As man can be true and Faithful to Allah; and to Allah along he shall return and you cannot return to where you didn't originally come from. 

Our ultimate goal as Moorish American Moslem's to to attain Tawheed`Allah; which means the oneness with Allah.
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