Our correspondent course has been constructed to accommodate those presently incarcerated within a State or Federal prison. Our courses will qualify any rightful Moorish American Moslem as an accredited leader to head a recognized MSTA inmate lead study group (Campsite). Our course will also give members within the MSTA a strong foundation to build upon with having fortified tested knowledge about the faith of Islam, religious history and factual accounts of the MSTA documented history. Our Courses are designed for challenging studies within the religion, history, customs and law of Islam. As an active student, you will be led in the assignments by qualified instructors via well-formulated course materials.

The onetime enrollment fee of $15 is included with the first lesson booklet. An enrollment form will be included with Lesson#1 Booklet to be completed and mailed back. You will then receive a MITI welcome letter with your active student MITI ID#. Other Lessons Booklets will post over the next several months.  

Some lessons can be presented via DVD’s and Audio CD providing the approval of the correctional institution.  The 101 Advanced Islamic Course covers a plethora of lessons which any Moorish American will find to be valuable giving great support to the rich history of the MSTA and the faith of Islam.  Our correspondent course is self-paced qualified instructors, and teachers aids will review your assignments.  Each lesson must be completed in sequence before the next lesson is submitted — the rewards of self-discovery with the ability to articulate in your own words all that is covered within all MITI courses can be expressed as a mental evolution and spiritual charge. 

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